TRX TRAINING is excellent for beginners to advanced athletes. No matter what your skill level, learn to master the TRX Suspension Training System while you incinerate fat and strengthen your core for a long, lean, and strong body. We offer:

TRX Circuit combines flex, strength, and endurance moves to deliver versatile training. Excellent for beginners to advanced athletes, TRX Circuit is a fusion of jump rope, stability ball, and Suspension band training.

TRX Boxing is a fusion of Muay Thai boxing and Suspension Band training. Learn quick drill boxing combinations for improved defensive skills, improve response time and coordination.

TRX Burn/Endurance is a fun and effective total body workout. TRX Burn and Endurance combines strength and endurance moves to deliver excellent cardio and muscle training. Excellent for beginners to advanced athletes, TRX Burn is a fusion of jump rope and Suspension band training.


Personal Training Fitness is the best vehicle for self-empowerment and uplifting the human spirit. As your personal trainer, our job is to educate you and transform your physique through positive motivation. We encourage our clients to no longer fear movement by teaching proper exercise techniques. Being fit is not about moving faster on a machine or carrying the maximum weight of a stack. The beauty of personal training comes from you. It's about how you use your body to achieve fitness goals and finding your ability to push through fear to gain control. Personal Training is about providing support when you're unsteady, getting conscious directions, creative body sculpting and fun to get the job done.

Pilates Reformer is a semi-private session on a Reformer that is designed to stabilize the spine by letting gravity provide the resistance. It isolates muscles, reestablishes body awareness and control while lengthening the entire body. Pilates creates movement along energy lines and aids the body in achieving symmetry, essential to establishing and maintaining the body's balance and grace.


Levity Fit is cross-training with a confidence. Join us for this challenging and dynamic class designed for all fitness levels. Levity Fit introduces you to a range of intensive and dynamic movements intended to engage the core while stabilizing and balancing the body. Levity Fit workouts develop aerobic endurance and core strength by using functional movements and dynamic positions to keep the body guessing and the sweat dripping. From advanced calisthenics and Pilates abdominal work to intense cardio kickboxing, TRX and dumbbell work, Levity Fit will bring you to another level of fitness. Levels: beginner to advanced.

Our Pilates Mat class is structured to meet many different fitness goals. Pilates Mat is a unique course that teaches movement, breathing and execution through a sequence of exercises that allow the body to flow seamlessly, invigorating your mind and reviving your spirit. This class will increase your flexibility, improve your focus, strengthen your back and core system while introducing your body to a more euphoric, relaxed state.


VINYASA CARDIO FLOW YOGA is offered in two different classes:

Vinyasa Cardio Flow
is a vigorous style of yoga that links breath and movement through a mindful sequence of Sun Salutations and postures. The smooth, continuous flow develops flexibility and balance, deepens breathing and increases endurance. We will work towards advanced postures such as back bends, handstands and arm balances. This class is for students with some familiarity of basic yoga postures.

Vinyasa Gentle Flow is a class that focuses on basic Yoga poses, breathing techniques, balancing and stretching. This is a wonderful class for beginners as it will give you the foundation to move on to more challenging classes if you wish to in the future. It is also a beneficial addition to any exercise routine by helping to stretch and lengthen the muscles and using balance work for a stronger core.