Four Summer Exercises That Heat You Up to Shed You Down

With summer in full swing, everyone is still looking to slim down and tighten up. Staying on top of your exercise routine is important and changing it up will help you maintain a steady momentum.  Jump start yourself into high gear this summer.  Explore.  Try something new.  Keep your bodies guessing.  Here are a few you can try out at the park or in the backyard with the kids.  Challenge everyone to try these extremely efficient moves with you.

1. Close-Grip Push up with side oblique twist – Get down on all fours, hands and knees. Make a diamond shape with hands using your thumb and forefinger on the floor.  Swing your right knee under your pelvis to the left. With your abs tight and back flat slowly lower yourself until your nose almost touches the ground. Push up through your palms and lower the right knee down. Repeat on the other side with the left knee.  Begin with 8-12 reps.

2. Straight leg Crunch – Lie face up on the floor with your legs straight up in the air. Extend your arms toward your feet and reach for your toes as you crunch up to raise your shoulders off the floor. Contract your abs tight at the top, and then reverse the motion. Do not let the shoulder blades touch the ground until you are done with all 8-12 reps.  Challenge yourself by lower both legs to the ground and lifting back up to straight leg position as you extend for your crunch.

3. Forward/Reverse lunges – Stand with both feet together. Step forward with right leg and drop the left knee down towards the ground. Push up through the right heel and return to standing position.  Step back with the left leg, drop the left knee to the ground and push up through your right heel returning to two feet standing.  Continue to alternate.  Challenge yourself by adding an 8 count bounce on the right lunge forward then 8 count bounce on the left leg stepping back.

4. Side lift planks – Begin by lying on your side, supported by your right elbow, forearm and palm face down.  Stack both legs together then take the top leg and it to the front while the bottom leg goes behind.  Use your left arm in front to aid in lifting the right side of the body off the floor.  Remove the left arm and place it at your side.  You should be fully supporting your right side using only elbow and forearm down.  Lower down and repeat.  Try for 8-12 reps per side. Challenge yourself by supporting the side lift from the palm down instead of elbow down.

Staying in shape is about feeling good and having fun.  Remember that and you’ll do great